Roland Debuts Horribly Named V-Drums V-Tour Series TD-9S/TD-9SX

Roland V-Drums

NAMM Update: Roland introduced it new V-Drums V-Tour Series TD-9S/TD-9SX.

They should give Roland some sort of record for having the worst name ever for a piece of cool gear.

I’m not sure if it’s the V-Tour part – which makes it sort of sound like you’d use these to play drums in Second Life, or if it’s the TD-9S/TD-9SX part – which sounds sort of like they might be C3PO’s robo-girlfriends.


The TD-9 is the anchor of Roland’s new Mid-line V-Drums kits. With hundreds of new sounds, real-audio songs & patterns onboard, plus new practice function of Scope & Quick Rec/Play built-in even with V-Hi-Hat (VH-11) full compatibility and 3-way ride triggering available, and a Scope Mode skill builder built-in, the TD-9 raises the bar in its price range.

Outfitted with a large, backlit display with accompanying oversized buttons and controls, the TD-9’s icon-based interface makes editing sounds and customizing kits, fast and fun.

Drummers can play along with real-audio backing songs to build their own musical experience base. They can also use the USB port to import audio files (.wav) of their choice. “Quick Record” and “Quick Play” features allow drummers to immediately record and play back solo drum parts, or drum parts performed with the backing songs.

The new MDS-9 drum rack offers a sturdy four-leg design with new, improved ball-joint mount for snare & cymbals, and angle-adjustable hi-hat arms, for fast, and flexible component placement.

The CYM-10 Cymbal Mount optional package includes three essential components as spare parts for V-Drums owners: Stopper, Felt Washer, and Wing Nut for V-Cymbal. Compatible products include all Roland CY series used in TD-20/-12/-9/-6/-3 series drum kits, that is, V-Cymbals: CY-15R (ride), CY-14C (crash), CY-12R/C (ride/crash) and dual-trigger cymbal pads: CY-8/-5

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