Vienna Symphonic Library Rolls The One Million Samples Odometer

Vienna InstrumentsNAMM Update: With the release of several new download collections, the Vienna Symphonic Library rolled the odometer, surpassing one million published samples.

According to Vienna Instruments, this is by far the largest accumulation of samples by a single company.

The Vienna Symphonic Library also recently began offering download products. These collections are available from the download section of the company’s webshop:

Vienna Special Edition

Standard Libraries The four download collections Strings, Woodwinds, Bass, and Percussion & More make up the complete Vienna Special Edition — Standard Library. The Vienna Special Edition is the company’s all-in-one orchestral collection offered at an entry-level price. Now users can download the instrument groups individually and have them ready to play instantly.

Special Edition PLUS Libraries

The download collections Strings PLUS, Woodwinds PLUS, and Brass PLUS are the ideal expansions to the Vienna Special Edition — Standard Library, whether purchased on DVDs or downloaded from the web shop. The PLUS Collections feature additional articulations of every Standard Library instrument which customers of the Vienna Special Edition should find especially useful, such as short detaches, snap pizzicatos and ponticellos for the string instruments. Overdrive The seven-string, total distortion guitar for fluid solos and authentic power chords from Vienna’s former Horizon Series lives on in this downloadable collection.

Vienna Concert Guitar

This complete concert guitar from the former Horizon Series is back as a Vienna Instruments download, offering all the wealth of articulations and nuances of the nylon guitar.

Upright Bass

Unlike the previously mentioned collections, this instrument is only available as a download. The plucked bass features a multitude of jazz articulations, including typical plucked and slapped sounds, slides and effects.

Soprano Choir

The world’s first legato-sampled choir is now available as a virtual instrument. Also available exclusively as a download, this collection features 16 female singers performing vowels and syllables in many variations, spanning their entire tonal range.

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