Submersible Intros Matt Cameron and Sugarfoot Moffett DrummerPacks, KitPacks

Matt CameronSubmersible Music has announced two new drum libraries featuring the grunge rock sound of Matt Cameron (Pearl Jam, Soundgarden) and the R&B grooves of Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett (Michael Jackson, Madonna).

The new CameronPack I and SugarfootPack I DrummerPacks are designed for DrumCore and the free DrumCore LT DrummerPack player. The DrummerPacks feature drum loops (plus fills and variations) in both audio and MIDI formats (recorded at multiple tempos).

Also included are MIDI drumkit sounds for use with the included MIDI beats or for users who program their own beats. All MIDI kits and MIDI beats will also be available as KitPacks for Submersible’s new KitCore MIDI instrument.

The new DrummerPacks are expected to ship Q1 of 2008 and are priced at $79.99.

About Matt Cameron:

Matt Cameron has helped define a Seattle sound, which during the 90’s became part of a worldwide movement back to guitar rock. His time with Soundgarden showed the world a style of heavy, emotion-drenched rock that was still cerebral. From those avalanche-like tom breaks in “Black Hole Sun” to “Spoonman” they were beats that both grooved and were innovative. As a songwriter himself, he understands that sometimes when “not to play” is as important as when to play. Modern Drummer magazine has said that Cameron “always injected a maturity into Soundgarden’s music. His ghost-note grooves and the uncanny ability to make odd time feel like straight time have already earned him status among rock’s drumming’s elite pacemakers.” Check out Soundgarden’s classic tracks, recent Pearl Jam (Binaural, Riot Act) and the more obscure but critically acclaimed “Wellwater Conspiracy” project to connect with this great player’s style.

About Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett:

From the old-school, 70’s funk of “Don’t Stop the Music” by R&B artist Yarbrough and Peoples, to the dance beats of “Open Your Heart” by Madonna, to the slick R&B and disco grooves of Michael Jackson, to those mellow grooves with Elton John — you’ve heard Jonathan “Sugarfoot” Moffett.

Growing-up in New Orleans, it’s like Jonathan was born into the funk. His background seems to sync with the advancement of R&B drum styles, from “loose and playful” to “tight and urban.” He is a songwriter and composer, who has also written for film. Moffett brings those sensibilities into play every time he lays down a groove. Sugarfoot knows how to keep things moving.

About DrummerPacks:

DrummerPack content comes pre-configured with metadata for use with the DrumCore/DrumCore LT search engine. This provides quick access to grooves, fills, variations and individual drum sounds. Search content based on feel (straight, shuffle, etc.), time signature and tempo. Users can even add their own search criteria (new styles or comments, for example). Content is arranged in “GrooveSets,” which are a song-like collection of related beats, variations and fills that serve as a construction kit for song creation. GrooveSets include patterns to compliment traditional verse-chorus structures. All audio loops and drumkit content is 48kHz/24-bit and created in multi-million dollar studios using state-of-the-art digital (ProTools HD3) and analog (SSL, Neumann, Neve, etc.). DrumCore and DrumCore LT work with all the major audio applications and supports dragging MIDI (single or multitrack) or audio loops directly to tracks in applications that support “drag-and-drop” such as Acid, Audition, Cubase, Digital Performer, Logic®, Nuendo, Pro Tools and Sonar.

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