Alesis Debuts The SR-18 Portable Drum Machine

Alesis Drum Machine

NAMM Update: Alesis introduced the Alesis SR-18, a professional drum machine with integrated FX engine, battery operation and cutting-edge percussion sounds.

Description:The SR-18 follows in the tradition of its ancestor, the Alesis SR-16, and is loaded with cutting-edge drum kits, electronic drums, hits and up-to-date percussion sounds.

The SR-18’s integrated effects engine includes Reverb, EQ and Compression for customizing sounds to perfection. Since the SR-18 can be powered by AC or batteries.

SR-18 features include:

  • Large, 32MB sound set with percussion bank and bass synth
  • Built-in Effects – Reverb, EQ and Compression
  • Battery Power for maximum portability
  • Pattern Play Mode enables different patterns to be triggered from the pads directly
  • Mute/Solo Function for parts – Drums, Bass and Percussion and per pad within a bank

The Alesis SR-18 will be available Q2 – 2008 with an MSRP of $399.

6 thoughts on “Alesis Debuts The SR-18 Portable Drum Machine

  1. > an MSRP of $399

    Really? That’s high, considering that it seems to be a slight evolution from the SR-16 which sells for around $150. Maybe the SR-18’s street price will be well below the MSRP.

    This product essentially competes with the BOSS DR products. Does the inclusion of the bass synth justify the price jump, or is Alesis just counting on luring customers in with the promise of something new in a shiny, curvy package? Alesis have priced the SR-18 near the high end of current sample-based drum machines; I’m not sure it belongs there.

    1. Now, yes, I see similarities between the Boss and the SR 18, which I like because then I can just jump right in and pretend I'm a drummer (guitar is my deal). I've also used the SR 16 however that was way back when I used the presets and did not learn to play the pads, build a custom kit, create a song.

      Since then I've become very accomplished at playing the pads in real time but I prefer creating patches, fills, bass parts, percussion. People who have heard my completed mixes of heavy rock originals where I do everything often comment "the drummer rocks!" Uh, cool thanks but I don't have a band, and the drums are programmed by me. And that's using the Boss DM – so all this complaining and use of tech jargon is just absolute bull.

      The new features are ALL I could want, or need, even the backlit LCD screen. And, some retailers are selling it for around $199

  2. Hi, I can´t manage midi synchronization between Korg TR and Alesis SR-18 – Korg midi clock is on midi output, SR-18 is switched to ClockIN ON, midi cable is alright… no feedback…..????

  3. I have same problem. Sr-18 will not accept midi input. Outputs fine. Tried Midi-ox to communicate won’t work. Talked to Alesis no resolve.

  4. Hey, I have a sync problem between two Sr 18. I safed the data from machine 1 to machine 2. Then I wanted to reload from m2 to m1. No way!! M1 did not want to read the outcoming datas from m2. One day work for shit. Thanks Alesis. Then I reinit both machines and it worked. I could swap data from one to the other and back. All of a sudden it did not work anymore…that was my test for going on with this crap….hope I find a solution.

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