DJ Dolores – 1 Real

DJ Dolores is back with a new CD of Brazilian house music – 1 Real.

1 Real combines traditional Brazilian pop arrangements with DJ-style mixing. The tracks are full of afro-Brazilian percussion, brass and chants.

More Sergio than Suba.

While Dolores’ sound is fairly traditional, it’s clear from the start of the CD that Dolores will deliver an up-to-date vibe. The first track, Deixa Falar, kicks off with what sounds like a dog barking in the street – except that it’s barking in rhythm.

Throughout the CD, infections rhythms, carnival-style brass and syncopated melodies conspire to get you dancing, or at least smiling. If you’re into world dance music or Brazilian electronica, DJ Dolores’ 1 Real should be right up your alley.

If you’re not familiar with DJ Dolores, you can preview his sound with the free track,  Oslodum, below, which was released a couple of years ago with a Creative Commons license.


  • Deixa Falar
  • Tocando o Terror.
  • Cala Cala
  • Proletariado
  • Wakaru
  • Shakespeare
  • J P S
  • Flying Horse
  • Numeros
  • Mutant Child – Run Run Run
  • Saudade. The Mind Inspector

Bonus track: Danger Global Warming by The Blacksmoke Organisation – DJ Dolores remix. Bonus video: DJ Dolores presents 1 Real and Recife.

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