Art Vista Introduces MALMSJO GVI Enhanced Sample Library

Artvistsa MALMSJOWinter NAMM Update: Art Vista Productions announced MALMSJO GVI — a new version of its sampled Malmsjo Grand Piano.

The MALMSJO GVI has been given a substantial face-lift, and an increase in dynamic range, by the use of the new DEF technology offered by Tascam in its Giga software.

MALMSJO GVI has also been enhanced with eight-level release sample ambience from a medium size hall with wood floors, and custom impulse responses by Larry Seyer, the multiple Grammy Award-winning recording engineer.

The new MALMSJO GVI is backwards compatible with the old sample library Malmsjo Acoustic Grand, and includes the presets from the previous offering. The new GVI format offers increased versatility, as it can be used either as a stand-alone application, or as a VSTi plug-in. It can also be loaded as a sample library into the GigaStudio software.

“The MALMSJO GVI finally brings me back to the real Malmsjo Grand, and all emotions connected with playing it,” says Hans Adamson, the artist behind the Malmsjo sample. “There is no other piano with the same lyrical qualities and intimacy as the Malmsjo. It is the ultimate composer’s piano.”

MALMSJO GVI is shipping in January and has an MSRP of $199.00.

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