Auralex Acoustic Treatment Products Now Eco-Friendly

Auralex FoamWinter NAMM Show: Auralex StudioFoam acoustic treatment products now include soy components, reducing petroleum-based chemical usage by up to 60% and lessening dependence on fossil fuels, including foreign crude oil. This greener formula helps reduce global warming emissions.

This is good to see – not only is it great to see them thinking about cutting down on fossil fuels, but you have to think that sitting around in a studio all day with petroleum foam on the wall can’t be good for you.

Auralex also claims that, in making the conversion over to the new Soy-based hybrid formula, their products now boast improved durability over conventional petroleum-based foams.

The Eco-Friendly StudioFoam is available in the same color choices and cuts as the original. There is no increase in cost to either the dealer or consumer.

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