Roland ARX Expansion Boards For Fantom-G

Roland Announces ARX Expansion Boards For Fantom-GWinter NAMM Show Update: Roland intro’d the ARX-01 and ARX-02 expansion boards for the new Fantom-G series. Each ARX board is a synth in itself.

The ARX-01 Drums Expansion Board offers complete control of the elements of each drum, such as shell depth and muffling. Once each drum is crafted, you can further refine it with the built-in compressor/EQ, reverb, powerful multi-effects, and an onboard mixer for adjusting the volume and pan position.

The ARX-02 Electric Piano Expansion Board lets you create unique electric piano sounds. You can change the position of the pickup and choose from five amp models with dynamic control. Volume and tone change smoothly and realistically, based on the strength and weakness of the keyboard performance.

Optimized effects and custom graphic interfaces are exclusive to each ARX board.

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