The Morrison Digital Trumpet


The Morrison Digital Trumpet, or MDT, is a new brass-style MIDI wind controller designed by Steve Marshall with Australian multi-instrumentalist James Morrison.

The MDT is a MIDI wind controller designed to make it as easy as possible to transition from the regular trumpet. For trumpeters, your hand position will be very similar to what you’re used to, the mouthpiece is a normal trumpet mouthpiece, the valves move in the same way, and the air “resistance” is familiar.

Due to the much increased range and features that MIDI makes possible, there is a need for more controls than on a traditional trumpet. The MDT includes 3 assignable continuous controllers and 2 assignable switches.


  • The MDT lets you play any sound like anything you have ever wanted from acoustic instruments to electric guitars.
  • The MDT gives you 10 octaves of pitch perfect range.
  • The MDT lets you control your notes without having to “Buzz” your lips. This gives you hours more endurance.
  • The MDT can be used for alternative sounds that a musician cannot produce on their acoustic instruments. For example you can use the MDT to double on clarinet, saxaphone, guitar, or bass. An investment in a MDT wind controller pays for itself by making the musician more marketable and in-demand.
  • Transposition is a button push away.

The MDT retails for AUD $2195.00.

More videos and info at MDT site.

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