MOTU Shipping Ultimate Firewire Audio, Video Interface


Audio interfaces don’t have near the sex appeal that a hardware synth has, but MOTU‘s V3HD Firewire audio and video interface comes close.

It’s Mac. It’s PC. It turns either into a powerful HD/SD video production workstation.

And at $2750, it’s as unobtainable as it is sexy.


  • HD/SD FireWire video interface for Mac and Windows
  • Supports Apple Final Cut Pro on the Mac and Adobe Premiere Pro on Windows
  • Plug-and-play connectivity via FireWire – provides HD and SD capture and playback for any current-generation FireWire equipped computer, including Mac & PC laptops
  • Capture and play back 720 and 1080 HD over FireWire via industry standard DVCPro HD capture format for direct, native import into – and playback from – Final Cut and Premiere
  • Across-the-board compatibility and pristine quality – DVCPro HD capture format provides 100 Mb/sec quality and CPU-efficient, frame-based (non-GOP) native editing
  • Capture and play back uncompressed 10-bit SD from all formats
  • HDMI output – connect HD plasma, LCD, DLP or flatscreen for flexible and affordable HD monitoring, including pixel for pixel display at 1080 with a supporting monitor
  • Broadcast quality hardware-based real time SD-to-HD up-convert
  • Broadcast quality hardware-based real time HD-to-SD down-convert
  • Real-time 2:3 or 2:3:3:2 pull-down insertion and removal
  • Comprehensive zoom modes for up/down conversion – anamorphic, pillar box, letterbox, 14:9 pillarbox, 14:9 letterbox and full screen
  • Simultaneous HD/SD operation – connect multiple HD and SD sources and destinations simultaneously. Switch HD/SD sources on the fly while converting to multiple HD/SD destinations.
  • Two rack space form factor with dedicated connectors – connect all of your gear to dedicated connectors. No cable swapping or gangly, inconvenient breakout cables.
  • Stand-alone operation – converts selected input source to supported output formats with SD-to-HD up-convert, HD-to-SD down-convert and pull-down insertion/removal.

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