KRK Ergo Room Correction System

KRK Ergo

At the Winter NAMM Show, KRK announced ERGO, a digital room analysis and correction system. ERGO (Enhanced Room Geometry Optimization) aims to improve your studio mixing space by correcting for real world acoustic problems.

ERGO analyzes and compensates for undesirable room acoustics which can negatively impact audio mixdowns. The unit connects to a computer via Firewire when it is performing its room analysis, but since all correction processing resides in ERGO, no overhead is needed from the computer audio system. This means that ERGO can function in pure analog systems since it can work as a stand-alone room correction/speaker control unit after room analysis is complete.

In addition to room correction, ERGO also acts as a speaker switcher and master volume control. It is also a 4-in, 6-out Firewire audio interface with 120dB SNR digital-to-analog converters and phase-accurate signal processing.

KRK also incorporates Firewire and S/PDIF input for digital connections to DAWs such as Pro Tools and other systems.

We were able to check this out at the NAMM Show and were impressed with the technology, but the price will probably scare a lot of people off. KRK emphasized that the ERGO wasn’t a replacement for an acoustically treated room, but instead was the next best thing.

ERGO will be available on April 2008 at a retail price of $799.

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