Download Morcheeba Acapellas

Morcheeba is offering acapella versions of all the tracks from their latest release:

Hey Producer/Remixers, here are the acapellas from our brand new album. Please feel free to do what you like with them and please let us know about them by contacting us via myspace or the email contact details on here. You never know we may release them if we’re feeling them. Good luck and have fun!

P.S. For the back catalogue acapellas of Morcheeba search the web as they’re out there somewhere.

That’s pretty awesome of them!

Below is the list of acapellas for the album. To save right click on the link and Save Target As to folder of your choice. All acapellas are in .wav format at 24bit/44.1Khz for high quality purposes.

14 thoughts on “Download Morcheeba Acapellas

  1. frustrating, took me ages to find (most of ) these since they're no longer on the official site…
    signup to the forum: and then search morcheeba.
    a few others scattered on the internet too… but hard to find.

    btw while i was searching I found out you can get them for charango too with this method…
    1. get both the charango and charango instrumental cds…
    2. import both tracks for a song into audacity (free)
    3. select the instrumental and from the effect menu select Invert
    4. zoom in and line up the wave peaks as best as you can –
    i'm talking hundredths of a second here ppl to make it work properly!
    5. click play and you get just the vocals. 🙂

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