Free Glitch Loops For Garageband

Glitch Gumbo Vol 1 is a new download pack from Atypical Audio featuring electronic breaks and percussion loops. It is aimed at adventurous producers of breaks, IDM, techno and other electronic music styles.

Glitch Gumbo Vol 1 is available in PC and Mac loop formats at the introductory price of 4.99 EUR.

You can download a collection of free sample loops to preview Glitch Gumbo. The package is available in Apple Loops and Acid formats.


The emphasis of this download pack is on experimental breaks and beats, while retaining a good dose of funk and groove. The loops build on ideas from IDM, techno and hip-hop to create an original collection of warped percussive sounds. The consistent use of timestretching, granular synthesis and programmed beat deconstruction techniques makes for a futuristic sounding download pack.

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