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Ambient master Steve Roach has announced plans for a series of synthesis and soundcurrent master classes. They sound like they could be an incredible way to learn about creating ambient electronic music from one of the pioneers of the style.

Here are the details:


Our Into the Soundcurrent and Master Class workshops are now open for enrollment. After a successful and exciting run of workshops in 2007, the dates are now in place for 2008. Each workshop is open to only 8 people. These five-day workshops are held at the Epona Center at Apache Springs Ranch, 40 minutes south of Tucson Arizona. Once you arrive, you can let go to the flow as everything will be taken care of for you. The workshop enrollment fee includes all meals and a private room, all framed in a breathtaking environment to further enhance this immersive week-long adventure into the deep end of the soundcurrent.

This year, two workshops will be offered over three dates:

April 7 – 13
Into the Soundcurrent – New Music For an Ancient Space with Steve Roach

Non-musician, beginner and intermediate status *
(Check in Monday the 7th, depart Sunday the 13th)

Open to 8 participants, this workshop will provide an open-hearted connection into the art of deep listening and creating from within the soundcurrent. Along with the creative and technical explorations and applications, group soundscape sessions will be a regular part of the week. At the same time, individual needs and desires will be woven into the entire workshop. From pure acoustic to all electronic, participants will explore the full gamut of creating new music for an ancient space. Even if you are a non-musician but have a desire to explore “sound art” you will access and learn about the fundamentals of technologically facilitated creation. This will include Timeroom sessions and hands-on analog modular time alongside didgeridoo lessons, live looping and a lot more.

If you’re already working with instruments, analog or computer-based recording approaches, or something in-between, the nature of the week will evolve as needed based on the group dynamic. We will share in lots of creative adventures including studio-lab time with the full gamut of instruments, both modern and ancient. If the idea of wanting to build a small affordable system is appealing and the choices are overwhelming, or your current setup feels like its boxing you in, then these aspects will be considered as well. The setting of the Epona Center will also provide instant and constant nourishment for you when the sessions get going into high gear. “Sound Hikes” right out the front door of the Epona Center and into a nearby canyon will add another dimension to the entire experience.

May 18 – 24
Master Class – Deeper Into the Soundcurrent with Steve Roach

Basic foundation of musical and technical knowledge required *
(Check in Sunday the 18th, depart Saturday the 24th)

Open to 8 participants, the Master Class is for musicians and sound artists who already have a basic foundation of musical and technical knowledge. This Workshop will draw from the wide range of experience tempered by Steve’s 30 years of living in the soundcurrent. Time will be divided between experiential music making and recording, deep listening lectures, and interactive sessions on creative and compositional strategies along with demonstrations on the myriad tools and options available today. Plenty of hands-on lab time will occur with the full range of analog (including modular) and digital equipment as well as a vast collection of acoustic sound-creating instruments, such as Shamanic instruments, didgeridoo sessions and the use of unique sound sources for sampling, real-time looping and processing.

We will also examine the non-linear DAW approaches to arrangement and composition including a basic overview of mastering for ambient and soundscape-based music. Exploring the studio and analog mixing console as an instrument, real-time looping as a living breathing connection to the present moment will be a central theme. During the week, each each participant will also spend private time with Steve in the Timeroom to further fine tune and focus on particular needs and desires. Along with the pursuit of the creative and technical pursuits and other inspirations, some time will also be devoted to the discussions of publishing and perspectives on self-production.

September 15 – 21
Into the Soundcurrent – New Music For an Ancient Space with Steve Roach

Non-musician and beginner status *
(Check in Monday the 15th, depart Sunday the 21st)

See workshop description above, but note the different experience levels.

Note: Depending on the response, the September workshop could change to a Master Class, or a Master Class may be added in November, as needed.

(*) While our experiences in life move us into areas that are often difficult to quantify, these levels of experience are in general terms. A phone interview with Steve will help fine-tune the right workshop for you.


Created by Linda Kohanov and Steve Roach, The Epona Center at Apache Springs Ranch and Steve’s studio The Timeroom are located in an expansive and rarified setting near Sonoita in the outback of Southern Arizona. Surrounded by National forest on all sides, this environment provides an amazing backdrop to help nurture and support a week devoted to what we love deeply, the soundcurrent. During the workshops, we will take hikes and walks, and we have a first class full-time chef on board to make sure you’re well feed. While just 45 minutes from the Tucson Airport, the Epona Center is out of all fight paths and light pollution; the deep quiet and deeper night skies will add to the nourishment. Beyond all this, the Epona herd of many horses holds a steady zen-like space on the grounds adding to the deeper sense of life, serenity and enhanced creative insights.


If you feel a private 3-day session would be more to your needs and personal desires, we can explore this option. There are a few openings for this in 2008. In this setting you would stay in the Epona Center Guest Wing and have 3 full days with Steve.

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