Van Halen Running With The Devil Acapella

David Lee RothLooking for some vocals to try your remix skills?

Here’s an acapella for David Lee Roth’s vocal take from Running with The Devil.

As legend has it:

Diamond Dave wasn’t feeling his first couple takes, so at his producer’s request he took a break. After going outside, chowing down a greasy burger, and smoking a fat joint, his larynx was prepped and he was loose enough to nail the vocal track. And, boy did he. Here’s the raw version, without all the busy instrumentation of the Van Halen brothers to distract from the splendid audacity that is Dave. And, yes, he does break out a siren whistle during the solo, as if his vocal acrobatics weren’t enough.

I’ve never been much of a Van Halen fan – but if you make a great electronic version of Running with the Devil, let me know!

via The Allmusic Blog

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