Ten Commandments Of Grindhouse

Grindhouse musicAnalog Industries’ Chris Randall is looking for help creating a new genre of house music – Grindhouse.

Here are his 10 Commandments of Grindhouse to help get you going:

    1. Thou Shalt Have A Monster Foot.
    2. Thou Shalt Eschew Chord Progressions.
    3. Thou Shalt Lovingly Embrace Distortion.
    4. Thou Shalt Beat An MC About The Head And Shoulders With A Blunt Object.
    5. Thou Shalt Move At A Punk-Rock Clip.
    6. Thou Shalt Smash Thy VCR.
    7. Thou Shalt Place Thy Bass In The Driver Seat.
    8. Thou Shalt Glitch Thy Percussion.
    9. Thou Shalt Restrain Thyself From 16-measure Snare Rolls.
    10. Thou Shalt Break It Down.

      Get the full scoop on the Grindhouse Commandments at Randall’s site.

      Preview his Randall’s seminal Grindhouse track below, and then go make a Grindhouse track, already.

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