db Audioware Releases Advanced Vocal Intensifier Plug-in

vocal intensifier

DB Audioware has introduced Vocal Intensifier, a plug-in designed to give vocal tracks added punch and presence, to make them stand out in the final mix.

It uses a studio technique called “parallel compression” (also known as “New York compression”), often used for drum tracks, but here tuned specially tuned for vocals. The advantage of this technique is that it boosts the loudness and presence of the vocals without destroying the dynamics of the original performance.

Vocal Intensifier Features:

  • advanced algorithm boosts vocals without loss of detail
  • efficient user interface saves valuable studio time
  • uses parallel compression technique, tuned for vocals
  • encapsulates 64 bit EQ, compression, de-essing & limiting
  • inherently phase-coherent design
  • full MIDI control, with easy to use MIDI Learn
  • plug-ins for PC Windows (VST) and Mac OS X (VST, Audio Units)

Vocal Intensifier retails at $79 | €59 |£39 and is available for immediate purchase and download.

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