Free Moby Last Night Download

Moby Last Night

moby is sharing a “mashup mix” of his new album, Last Night, as a free download from rcrdlbl:

I love the fact that as the old/traditional infrastructure of the music business is breaking down it’s being replaced by new and more compelling institutions like RCRD LBL. The vice-grip hegemony of the corporate labels and corporate radio stations is loosening every day, which can only be seen as a good thing for music and listeners.

Moby describes his new album like this:

Spanning hands-in-the-air, Smiley-faced rave anthems, cosmic Giorgio Moroder-styled Euro-disco, hip-hop both old school and underground, and downtempo, end-of-the-night ambience, Last Night is a dance music tour de force that looks back at Moby’s deep roots in the club scene at the same time as it embraces the future.

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