Beatport has introduced a new site, Beatsource, an online digital music store specializing in urban music.

Beatsource allows DJs and fans access to high quality downloads in MP3, MP4 and WAV formats on a pay per download basis from an impressive library of the world’s leading record labels. Catering to the performer, Beatsource sells DJ-friendly acappellas, instrumentals, clean mixes, dirty mixes, and other hard-to-find remixes from labels’ catalogs.

The site is a smart idea – focusing on the giving you top stypes, top search results and top sellers relevant to the urban genre.

3 thoughts on “Beatsource

  1. beatport and beatsource are pretty cool sites to listen to free music
    i’m adding there music updates to my website from their free feed, it gives you sample songs from their downloadable music

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