DJing With A Guitar Hero Controller

DJ Tech Tools’ Ean Golden posted this fun video of himself DJing with a Guitar Hero Controller:

Arcade buttons are cool but taking a plastic guitar into the crowd and taping away a solo is some next level fun. In the past 5 years I have experimented with just about every piece of midi gear out there so now its time to raid the game controller closet and continue to find new ways of mixing 2 songs together. The crazy thing is how well cue point juggling techniques translated to the Rock Star guitar. It may seem like a limited controller but with 5 buttons, a 2 way strum bar and some whammy action you can do a lot with a little. I tried every guitar made for guitar hero and in the end this Rock Band edition for the PS3 works the best and offered the most flexibility.

Part of a larger controllerism movement that’s starting to shape up…..

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