Jomox Resonator Neuronium

The Neuronium is a bizarre little limited-edition synth that I had a chance to play around with at the 2007 NAMM show.

It’s another device that’s tricky to wrap your brain around, because it is designed for creating electronic music in new ways, with new approaches to synthesis, rather than recreating or tweaking classic synth designs.

The six resonant “neurons” bounce off one another and the control knobs are touch sensitive too.

Here’s another demo video from Big City that showcases the Jomox Resonator Neuronium.

Here’s another demo, from OmegaTraktor:

And here’s the gear porn version:

3 thoughts on “Jomox Resonator Neuronium

  1. well this is completely retarded. worthless overpriced pretentious garbage. please tell me i'm not the only one thinking it.

  2. I’ve created my all studio before this synth cames out. I used the same principal. Connecting several big neurons, with all feedbacks possible and so on. The only goal was to create a fully interactive and living system. I can say you that the first time you fall on a living sound which is nice to hear, and which lives by itself, turning every 15minutes, you start to believe in this way of synthesis. Thank you Jomox, even if your synth isn’t made for common music as well as common people.

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