Bjorkestra: Big Band Björk

Here’s something I never would have imagined – a big band dedicated to reinventing the music of Björk – Bjorkestra:

“The initial impetus was I love Björk’s music and really wanted to get inside it and learn more about it,” says Travis Sullivan, who opens SFJazz’s ninth annual Spring Season with Bjorkestra tonight at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Forum. “Throughout history, this is what we do as jazz musicians. We take the very best music in the popular vein and make it into something of our own.”

You an preview Bjorkestra’s version of Hyperballad below.

4 thoughts on “Bjorkestra: Big Band Björk

  1. Does Bjork’s music really need re-inventing at this point? I think if Bjork started re-working classic jazz in her own style then some people who like jazz might not have a wholly positive response.

  2. Well, yes, but doesn’t it tend to be the sort of people who like “pure music” like jazz who complain about sampling killing music?

    Maybe I’ve just not met the more open-minded jazz fans.

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