Freeware Pad Synth

Audjoo Helix

Audjoo has released a public beta of Helix, a freeware synth plug-in designed for huge and wide unison pads and leads.

Changes in this beta

  • The smallest sliders are scaled up slightly.
  • Filter Resonance is a modulation source.
  • Different filter types are grouped in tabs and colour coded.
  • EQ has properly labeled parameters.
  • Improved: Limiter filter type (attack depends on the “speed” parameter).
  • Virtual Analog PWM oscillator (perfect to use as a sub-oscillator).
  • Improved: Noise Generator (proper modulation, stereo-noise).
  • Improved: Phase Mod, Ring Mod and Amplitude Mod filter modes (use a pure sine wave).
  • Improved: Phase Modulation filter, is now low pass filtering its input.

Helix is available for both Windows PC and Mac OSX (VST).

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