Mac Wii Music Program Updated

The Amazing Rolo has announced Loop Machine 2.0.

Loop Machine is music software that uses the Nintendo Wii remote as a wireless gestural interface for creating loop-based music. It’s an easy to use, powerful, and fun music creation and performance tool. According to the Amazing Rolo, you can load in any audio ?les or loops and start mixing, chopping, and crazinating within minutes, just by using the wireless Wiimote and dancing around and looking totally awesome.

The Loop Machine 2.0 was rebuilt. Features include:

  • Four channels of independently controlled audio
  • Three effects and a ?lter on each channel
  • Effects, ?lter, and channel volume are all mapped to the user’s movements
  • Live audio sampling on each channel
  • “Learn Mode”, which records the movement of the controller and applies it to an effect on the loop or sample
  • BPM tempo adjustment, with time signature and loop length
  • Recorder for saving your set

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