3 thoughts on “Spin DJ is a God

  1. So DJs make for public health experts / advocates. Awesome.

    I saw this video for the first time around 4 months ago, and I still don’t find it compelling…not that it needs to be. Is there some sort of message the director / writer is trying to get across? If so, what is it? Music brings more harmony in the world? Music helps people get along? Music keeps you safe? DJs are the best remixers?

    It’s not a bad idea, but it’s far too slow-moving…which is surprising, given the rather high productions values. I’d think that whoever had the resources to do this would’ve also had a stronger overall concept.

    As a point of comparison, I’d say that Antarctica-filmed video shared over at CDM today carries a much stronger, more palatable, enjoyable message without clunky narrative to slow things down:


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