6 thoughts on “Taking Apart A Korg Kaossilator

  1. I just took mine apart, and found this page while i was doing it. The board has an input section too! would it be possible to hook an input up to this for something? Granted you fitted the extra rca input…

  2. I realized the same thing when I opened mine (after seeing the mini kaoss pad and the extreme similarity in appearance) and it would be super cool to solder some RCA:s in place there – but the software inside it (or firmware?) might not at all support the RCA-in, I guess. Anyone bold enough to take the step?

  3. I opened mine – and you can indeed put input RCA:s there … BUT there are 6 missing resistors as well, the tiny tiny flat-on-circuit ones. Hard to replace? Harder to know what values of resistors! I still say it can be done. But not in a coffee brake. One might be forced to look inside (or even take measures of resistors inside) a real Mini Kaoss pad. Oh, I’m ranting. Sorry.

  4. I gave my son one for Christmas and he’s screwed up the touch pad. Korg has no parts and doesn’t service them. Like the video show, these are real easy to take apart and the touch pad would be a snap to replace IF I could find one. Does anyone have any idea where I could get one?

  5. The firmware was not writen to take audio input. The pins on the DSP that are used for audio input on the mini KP are NC on the Kaossilator. Feeding them with audio has no effect.
    The boards are the same in the two devices because it reduces manufacturing costs. Ony a few components, the firmware and the plastic case differ.

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