The Stribe

A demo of Josh Boughey’s Stribe, a DIY 8-channel multi-touch controller for music or video software.

Description: The Stribe is designed to be used in conjunction with a monome 40h or as a stand-alone instrument. By combining these interfaces with suitable software I hope to add a continuous control element to the electronic musician’s software control arsenal. It is designed for stage use, to provide an expressive, fun, and intuitive way to control both music and video. It’s size, durability, and tactile properties are designed to be appropriate for both hand-held and desktop use.


  • The low-resolution 16 x 64 LED display is controlled in real time by either firmware or host software, or both.
  • MIDI or OSC communication to compatible hardware and software is achieved via patches written in Max/MSP.
  • Touchstrips down the center of each channel trigger events in the software and the firmware, which drive the display, creating a haptic feedback loop.
  • Each of these eight “channels” has two 64-led-tall columns, e.g. a left and a right.
  • The Stribe can act as a touch controlled meter bridge, or as an interactive, animated 16 x 64 led display.
  • Oriented horizontally, the Stribe can more intuitively interface with step-sequencer type applications, allow direct manipulation of granular synthesis sampling or allow the user to perform “scratch” like gestures.

via Stretta

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