Clavia Announces Nord Stage Revision C and Operating System Version 3.0

nord-stage-mono-buttonClavia has announced an update to the OS for its Nord Stage family.

The Nord Stage family will receive a minor cosmetic make-over, due to one new function that is activated from the front panel. A new label on the panel will direct users to the new feature, but the other revisions of the Stage (rev A and rev B) can also be upgraded to the functionality of the new OS. The new models will be named “revision C”.

New Librarian software

A new Librarian Software will be released as a free download, which supports all three kinds of sound data in a Nord Stage, Programs, piano samples and Synth-programs.

OS update to version 3.00

The Nord Stage OS version 3.00 have been previewed at the Frankfurt Musikmesse.

This OS update will consist of several improvements, including (but not limited to) the following functions:

Piano Section Mono Piano mode — a mono mode will be available. This will apply to all the acoustic stereo pianos in the Stage. The Mono Mode will be activated from the panel, no substitution of the samples in the Stage will be necessary. This function will be accessed with the Clavinet EQ soft/medium button, which will be accordingly labeled on the new revision C front panel.

Improved Sustain Down functionality — some of the more elaborate Nord Stage acoustic pianos have pedal-down samples, which are activated when the sustain pedal is operated, and this functionality will be improved in the new OS. These samples produce the sympathetic resonance of all the strings in the piano when the physical dampers are lifted.

Synth Section

Extended Synth Program Library — the new Stage OS will increase the synth program library to include a total of 300 programs in the Synth Section.

New Wavetables — the selection of digital waveforms in the Synth Section will be increased from 32 to 64.

Improved Sys Ex support — the Sys Ex capabilities will be improved, allowing users to be able to dump or load banks and/or individual synth programs via MIDI.

Voice Allocation — the voice allocation of the Synth Section is improved, minimizing any issues that might occur when the available polyphony runs out.

Extern Section

Velocity Curves — the Extern Section will be updated with an improved velocity curve in order to better cater for the control of external units.

Overall improvements

Function to set a connected pedal to the Swell input as Volume — a system setting will provide users the choice to use an expression pedal connected to the Swell pedal input as a volume pedal for all the sections in the Nord Stage.

Copy Panels — users will be able to copy settings between the Panels A and B.

Please note that these are specifications that may be changed without further notice, during the course of development.

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