Roland SonicCell Synth Gets 2 New Sound Libraries

Planet XSinevibes has announced that the Planet F and Planet X sound libraries are now available for Roland SonicCell synthesizer module.


The Planet F and Planet X libraries have been designed to take all the great features of the Roland synthesizers to the extreme. From vintage analog and digital classics to new and never-heard-before instruments, phrases and grooves, the Planet libraries include an extremely large collection of different sounds that are ready to go into any modern performance and production.

Planet F and Planet X are immediately available in all loadable formats for Fantom-S, Fantom-X, Juno-G and SonicCell, at $29 each. These libraries are part of the Planet Pack which adds the Fantom Tweakbook for a total of $59 (23% off), and the upcoming fifth edition of the Tweakbook will add SonicCell compatibility as well (as a free update to all owners of the fourth edition).

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