What Do You Think Of Holy Fuck?

What do you think of Holy Fuck?

They’ve been getting a certain amount of press lately, partially because everybody likes an excuse to put “holy fuck” in their magazine/paper/blog, and partially because foodie Rachel Ray got them to play at her SXSW party.

They’re getting characterized as an electronica band, but they seem more like a jam band with a couple of synth players.

What makes them interesting to me is the way they are incorporate live noise jamming into a context that makes the music fairly accessible. Not really my thing – but it seems they could open up electronics to a new audience.

12 thoughts on “What Do You Think Of Holy Fuck?

  1. I think the synth players need higher tables, or some other kind of equipment layout, or they are going to do some damage to their backs.

  2. Electronica? Hardly. Maybe because of it’s repetitiveness, but not enough to classify it as such. Still, I personally like the sound of this track, and no I would have never heard of them had it not been mentioned here. :-p

  3. I don’t know what electronica means anymore. You look under electronica in any catalog or store and you get a huge mish-mash of everything, it’s a really useless genre tag anymore.

  4. BlueBrat –

    You make a good point – everything is electronic music on some level anymore.

    To me, electronica is music where electronics are intrinsic to the composition.

    Using a drum machine to lay down a disco beat isn’t electronica, because you could have a drummer do it. Using a drum machine to create glitch beats is electronica, because the beats are something a drummer wouldn’t do.

    That’s why I don’t really see this as electronica as much as a jam band with electronics. The two electronics guys could be making weird sounds with kazoos and electric guitars and they could still make jam band music.

  5. Synthhead;

    Interesting how they define themselves (or are they being defined by an industry) as an Electronica Jam Band. But how are they different than any Jazz or Fusion band that uses electronic equipment? Similair type of music/improv stuff really, and the Jazz people don’t care what instrument for the most part they are using, it’s all good to use different and wacky things to create the feeling, right?

    It’s all marketing I suppose to get attention to a younger, broader audience than being luimped into that freaky, old-person Jazz stuff. 😀

  6. BlueBrat – I can see where you’re coming from.

    Certainly guys like Herbie Hancock were doing some crazy stuff with synths in the early 70’s. (I kind of like that freaky old-person Jazz stuff!). And Holy Fuck would be jamming at a synth meet-up if it weren’t for some good marketing and press coverage.

    With Holy Fuck, though, the emphasis does seem to be on incorporating live electronic noisemaking into a jam context, which is different than playing a wicked synth solo over bizarre chord changes.

  7. Oh yes, their name is the only reason for their popularity. No one would know who is they if it wasn't for their name. Have you actually listened to their new album? I'm betting it's sure as hell more interesting that anything you have ever released. Have you ever released anything? Some of you sound way too pretentious. Sure they aren't playing technical, lydian mode jazz, but who cares. I'd much rather to listen to musicians who are actually creative than some guy playing finger olympics. Music is about creativity, not technical ability. And for those who think it's about technical ability, you listen to some technical, boring ass music.

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