International Dance Party Delivers Awesomeness In A Box

I think I need one of these bad boys. Especially when the feedback loop kicks in. And it can change its polarity 60 times per second!

The interactive machine International Dance Party is a complete plug ‘n’ play party in a box.

The machine comes as a large, non-suspicious looking flightcase. Internally, it is equipped with cutting edge radar sensing technology, an ear blasting state of the art 600W sound system, tons of psychedelic light and laser effects, and even a professional grade fog machine.

Through its dance activity radar, the International Dance Party detects and evaluates motion input from surrounding people in realtime. Several sophisticated transforming mechanisms let the flightcase turn into a powerful and boosting party machine, once the visitors start to dance within the machine’s range of perception.

The audience controls the complexity of the generated music and the intensity of the light effects directly by the energy of its dance action. When there is no audience, or when the audience is not active enough, the machine stops its performance and transforms back into a transport crate.

3 thoughts on “International Dance Party Delivers Awesomeness In A Box

  1. Ok… The idea is ok… but has anyone looked at the specs????? A puny 80W speaker powered by a home theater 5 channel am!!! They even tell you 5 channels at 130W each. Fine… Sounds good. But it’s STEREO!!! Only two channels are used… And to top that of, the RMS (continuous) power is only part of the small peak power of 130. Doesn’t matter, since the speakers are only 80w.

    The lightshow is ok for a small system like this, but the sound REALLY needs a professional touch.

    Seriously, when I do a show, I run two (count them… 2) PROFESSIONAL power amps rated at over 2000 watts each and four speakers that can easily carry the power.

    Like I said, the concept is good, but man, some professional know-how is required!!!! These guys should hire some real technicians to design the thing, then maybe it will run.

    As it is right now, the specs show that this thing will barley sound good at a house party and will do NOTHING for anything larger.

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