What People Are Talking About This Week At Synthtopia

There’s a been a lot of interesting synth and electronic music news this week, but it’s always hard to predict what people are going to find interesting.

Here are the stories that got people talking this week, along with some of the most interesting comments:

  • What do you think of Holy Fuck? – a lot of discussion about whether or not Holy Fuck is really electronica, with BlueBrat lamenting “I don’t know what electronica means anymore. You look under electronica in any catalog or store and you get a huge mish-mash of everything, it’s a really useless genre tag anymore.”
  • 8.5GB of Free Audio Samples from the One Laptop Per Child project. Jon says “That is damn awesome. Looks like I have some downloading to do!”
  • With a goddess delivering a synth from on high and a naked keytarist, You can’t ignore my techno delivers what it promises. “Just quirky enough for me to love,” says Claudio.
  • Wolfram’s Algorithmic Music Composer generates dance, ambient and hip-hop tracks automatically. And they sound pretty crappy! “Like it or not, Wolfram’s mathematics are highly influential in the world of music,” says A Synth Fan From BC. “I’m willing to bet if some musicians took the time to understand his work it would be a different ball game.”

I appreciate the comments – it’s great to get other perspectives on synth news.

And if you’ve been lurking, take the time to weigh in on these stories and other!

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