Audio Graffiti

Audio Graffitti Coffee Cup

Mike Dory is a master’s candidate at NYU Tisch’s Interactive Telecommunictions Program (ITP), musician, writer, snowboarder, interaction designer, physical computing researcher and coffee addict.

His Concrete Crickets project is a type of audio graffiti that uses electronically generated sounds as graffiti:

Graffiti is one of the most powerful and most personal displays in the urban experience, and can be used to make statements, tag territory, spread messages — urban markup language in practice. However, the output is nearly always visual in nature, making this experience one-dimensional. Furthermore, rarely does the work have a brain of its own, and is usually incapable of reacting to anybody observing it.

Concrete Crickets was created to address this deficit, creating small devices that will be aware of passers-by as well as other units of their kind. Each unit consists of a sound generator, amp, speaker and sensory system, and is housed in camouflage appropriate to the streets of the city — soda cans, cigarette packs, and the like.

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