4 thoughts on “Control Ableton Live With Your iPhone

  1. I actually used a similar method to control an Ableton setup on a Macbook pro along with a modified Guitar Hero Controller using the GuitarZero max/msp patches. While much of the effect was a gimmick, the response was much better than expected. The iphone can’t replace ALL user interfaces, but I think it is a welcome addition thanks to Masayuki Akamatsu’s work.

  2. SICK. was waiting to hear about something like this. honestly in awe of all the innovations coming out of this crazy thing. that plus ableton = badass

  3. Can anyone help me out with this. I followed the tutorial on youtube and it wont work. my problem is when i click on akaremote on my iphone 2.0.2, it opens to the blue water screen then exits out back to the springboard screen. Is something not set up right?

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