Jean Michel Jarre Authorizes Fan Concert Videos

Jean Michel Jarre has personally authorized the publication of fair-use fan videos from his current Oxygene concert tour:

I, Jean Michel Jarre, hereby authorise anyone to broadcast on Youtube any videos filmed during my concerts on ” Oxygene in concert” tour, as long as it is a fair excerpt with the right credits which has been the case so far.

I certify that the only person able to allow or forbid these videos on Youtube is myself, being the composer of all the music, being the sole producer of the live audio and visual version, the performer and the co-publisher. I think these videos are a fair tribute to my work and contribute in a positive way to the exposure of my music.

Yours truly,

Jean Michel Jarre

It’s great to see musicians actively encouraging things like this.

Image: Little02

2 thoughts on “Jean Michel Jarre Authorizes Fan Concert Videos

  1. I didn't realize JMJ's policy on this until it was linked from a newer post — Moby (with ) is another one with a foward-facing stance on spreading his music. It also points to how important it is for someone to own the rights to their own music (as obvious as that sounds), since some of the most boneheaded takedowns I've seen on YouTube were the record company not being aware of the artist's wishes, and that stupidity smearing off on the musician.

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