Cheap Stompboxes From Behringer

Behringer has released several stompbox collections, targeting different types of instruments and music. Each package includes 3 stompboxes, a pedal interconnect and patch cables.

Altogether, there are 5 available packages:

  • The Behringer MTPK985 Metal Trio Package includes the Super Metal SM400 distortion pedal, Multi-FX FX600 multi-effects (with 24-bit audio resolution and flanger, chorus, phaser, …) and the 24-bit Digital Delay DD400 pedal (with up to 1.3s delay time).
  • The Behringer TPK987 Blues Rock Trio includes the TM300 Tube Amp modeler, the UV300 Ultra Vibrato (with 60s and 70s vibrato sounds) and the DD400 delay pedals.
  • The Behringer TPK988 Bass Trio Package comes with the BOD400 tube emulation overdrive pedal, the BLE100 Bass Limiter Enhanced and the BCH100 Bass Chorus, that includes the stereo chorus.
  • The Behringer TPK989 Keyboard Trio comes with the UT100 Ultra Tremolo (with 60’s amps tremolo sound), the UC200 Ultra Chorus (thick and stereo) and the Multi-FX FX600.
  • The Behringer TPK984 Jazz Trio comes with the CL9 Compressor/Limiter, the CO600 Chorus Orchestra (with chorus sound) and the DR600 Digital Reverb (24-bit high-resolution reverb)

MSRP $149.99 each

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