See Autechre Live

Autechre‘s touring in support of their latest album, Quaristice.

Here are the upcoming dates:


  • 08 Vancouver, British Columbia – Richards on Richards *
  • 11 Chicago, IL – The Abbey *
  • 12 Toronto, Ontario – Lees Palace *
  • 13 Montreal, Quebec – Club Soda *
  • 14 Cambridge, MA – Middle East Downstairs *
  • 15 Brooklyn, NY – Music Hall of Williamsburg *
  • 16 Philadelphia, PA – Transit *
  • 17 Washington, DC – Black Cat *

If you’ve caught them live – let me know what you think. It’s hard to imagine how they’d transfer their music effectively to live performance.

7 thoughts on “See Autechre Live

  1. Saw them in Orlando in 2001, they played for an hour, constant sound/noise/music, only interrupted four times, so four 15 minute long songs was what it amounted to. Didn’t recognize anything, have all their albums, etc. they jammed, it was intense, so that was cool.

  2. I saw Autechre for the Untitled tour in Vancouver, BC. It was disappointing, but mostly because they pretty much only played music from Untilted, or jams in that style- which is probably my least favourite album from them. For some reason I expected them to have more than just laptops too. I wish had managed to catch them for the Quaristice show a few days ago because even if they had only played tracks from that album I would have probably enjoyed it. Something about Quaristice seems to go back to some of their earlier, more melodic work, which is what made me fall in love with Autechre in the first place.

    By the way… how does everyone here pronounce “Autechre”?

    I say: Awe- tech- ra
    I’ve heard people say: Awe- tech- er
    And: Awe- tea- tree


  3. I am going to see them tonight in Chicago, and they apparently pronounce it awe-tek-er according to wikipedia.

    Really interested to see how it goes, the show is really near my apartment so I couldn’t pass this one up.

    Tix $24.25 after fees though, dang

  4. synth fan – alex is right – awe-tek-er is it.

    Alex – $25 isn’t too bad in this day and age for an Internationally known group. Assuming they do a decent show!

    Let me know what you think after the show!

  5. Directly after the sentence in the Wikipedia article on Autechre where it says how they pronounce, it also says “however, they have explained that the name can be pronounced in any way one sees fit”, and provides a reference. lol So I’m sticking with “Awe-tech-ra”.

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