The Berlin Tenori-On Introduction

Oliver Chesler let me note on an earlier Tenori-On story saying that he’d posted about his experiences at the Tenori-On introduction at the club Berghain in Berlin:

When I walked into Berghain they had kiosks hooked up with several Tenori-on available to use. Right away I was shocked at how bright the white leds bling out at you. You instantly get that “wow this is futuristic” feeling.

Upstairs in the main room it was crowded as I suspected it would be. I mean come on this is Berlin where even the women are sequencer freaks! (emphasis mine) Lots of people wearing Ableton shirts and the stage had four Macbooks ready to accompany the Tenoris. This was my kind of geekfest!

Finally it was time for Tenori Toshio to speak. He gave a really incredible powerpoint style talk. He detailed how he got the idea to create the Tenori-on. He showed the early software he programmed, including a game that was never released for the Super Nintendo system. He showed his art installations all which had elements of the Tenori-on. Finally he took us by video to Yamaha and the factory where the Tenori-on is created. He ended with a video of a Robot who polishes the metal on the Tenori. I was laughing pretty hard when I realized the Robot was talking to itself as it finished tasks.

Check out the full story at Chesler’s site!

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