Awesome Video Synthesizer

video synthesizer

OT: I’ve been getting more and more interested recently with developments in the area of generating video from or effected by audio.

The VGA Expropriator, an interesting DIY analog video synthesizer, caught my eye:

This “VGA Expropriator” will be the first in a series of proprietary analogue hardware devices which seek to explore the possibilities of digital/analogue hybrid technology in video/audio performance and studio production contexts. The first offering here is essentially a new design with its creative process making ample use of circuit-bending methodologies.

The main function of this device is to synthesize 2 audio inputs with a VGA input allowing audio waveforms to be viewed on a computer display. The results are very much like that of a dual-trace oscilloscope with vertical rather than horizontal beams. Internal patches can be used to combine the beams in a wide variety of ways making for a great many imagery possibilities.

There are some excellent seventiestastic video effects in the demos at the site. 

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