Speed Up Your Work In Ableton Live

Tonearm has announced the release of Vitamin L, a free system of over 100 shortcuts and tools developed for speeding up the workflow in Ableton Live.

It combines accelerated access to most frequently performed tasks with many functionality enhancements.


  • Context-sensitive mouse wheel assignment.
  • Easy keyboard access to many clip properties and envelopes.
  • Quick modes for adjusting clip gain, pitch and BPM from the timeline/session.
  • Keyboard timeline navigation, play-from-mouse-cursor, etc.
  • A quick and simple solution to recording and combining multiple takes.
  • Power-zoom: mouse-wheel zoom, accelerated zoom, vertical zoom, zoom presets.
  • Precision editing (nudge, move/copy to an adjacent track and more).
  • Automation tools, including working with lanes and editing the tempo envelope.
  • Sample-audio-to-midi-track function and shortcut.

Available for Windows XP (with potential Vista support in later versions), Vitamin L is free and is delivered as a small executable (.exe) that runs concurrently with Ableton Live to facilitate keyboard/mouse access to a variety of functions.

As there’s not Mac version, I haven’t had a chance to try this out. If you have, let me know what you think!

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