The Sexiest DJ Controller Ever

EKS has introduced a new DJ controller that gets my vote for the sexiest DJ controller ever award. This is the Monica Bellucci of DJ controllers. 

Unfortunately, it also gets my vote for the crappiest name award. 

The EKS Otus USB DJ Controller is a professional 2-in-1 DJ controller. Otus is equipped with a big, configurable 7.5” jog wheel and new features for effects control, including touchpad and two motion sensors.

Otus also brings you an innovative switch key which enables the DJ to flexibly use two layers of controls. To add more show into the mix, the effect controls are placed to make performing more visual.

All this combined with the state of the art design, solid aluminum build and fully configurable controls makes Otus a true next generation DJ controller.

With the advanced MIDI support and MIDI mappers it will be easy to configure Otus with just about any software application imaginable, be it audio, video or something else altogether, leaving the boundaries to be defined only by the artist’s imagination.

Otus will be available in June.

4 thoughts on “The Sexiest DJ Controller Ever

  1. Nick – it looks like they just decided that they didn’t have to make it look like an old-school DJ mixer, so they were free to do something new.

  2. There is a pro model coming out later in the year, it’s slightly different it has buttons, from what i can see, instead of touch but it still looks the business. I have never used an EKS dj controller before but I wonder if they have add any additional features or if they re-skinned the old model.

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