Free 3GB Sample Library

Stretta, Matthew Davidson, has released a massive sample library download – Total Harmonic Distortion.

Here’s what he has to say about the library:

Fragments of the Total Harmonic Distortion sample library have popped up in various places, like the recent OLPC Sample Library Set. The complete library weighs in at nearly 3GB uncompressed. It is comprised of loops at various tempos created and processed with my modular synthesizer. Other pieces of hardware made guest appearances like the DSI Evolver, Roland R8 and Waldorf Microwave IIxt, but the bulk of it is the modular.

This stuff isn’t doing anyone any good sitting on my hard drive. I’d like to make it available to the public. I intended to release this via a creative commons license for some time, but the problem is distribution. It seemed rather excessive to dump on Torrenting is ideal, but who is going to seed it? Recently, the final piece of the puzzle slipped into place: – a community created to distribute Creative Commons licensed media. Download the torrent here. Much thanks to and Jonathan Dugan, Ph.D.

Total Harmonic Distortion is released using a Creative Commons Attribution license – meaning the samples are free to use in your work, but you should give Stretta a credit if you use them.

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