3 thoughts on “Jomox T-Resonator Feedback Loops

  1. Just out of curiosity has anyone here dealt with Big City Music before? I sent them an e-mail about a used drum machine and one of their new synths and they never got back to me… a friend gave them a call on my behalf and they said they weren’t too sure where the drum machine was but would get back to us… but they never did, and all future calls went unaswered.

    I haven’t done much business over the border yet (being in Canada and all)… but I’m planning on doing tons over the next year or so, and so I’m thinking of making Analogue Haven my place to go if they turn out well instead.

  2. Hi. Sorry if nobody got back to you about the drum machine. Unfortunately we have a lot of calls from people who just want to find a value for an item on Ebay. You can email me directly and I will be glad to help out with anything I can. josh(at)bigcitymusic.com The T-Resonator is a lot of fun BTW!

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