This Video May Ruin Your Week

This 1970’s euro pop cover of YMCA, NMKY in Finnish, is beyond horrible.

Just when you think this video can’t get any worse, the backup dancers come in with the shiny hot pants.

Let me know what you think – were the seventies really that bad? Extra credit if you can name that synth.

3 thoughts on “This Video May Ruin Your Week

  1. Man, that is hilarious! Yes, the ’70s – especially the late ’70s – were indeed that bad. As for the synth: gotta be an Arp Axxe. (My first extensive experience with synths was an Odyssey, for which I have a soft spot in my heart despite the thin sound – it lives on in the Oddity, a great VST emulation. The Axxe, on the other hand … well, let’s just say that at the time, I’m glad I went with a Moog Source as my second synth purchase.)

  2. Fortunately this is meant as a parody.
    This video is from Finnish TV series Hepskukkuu, by Gregorius
    with Jari Samulin’s dance group and Olli Ahvenlahti and his band.

    But I’m probably too late to save Finlands reputation anyway. 🙂
    This video was 24. Aug. 2007 the most linked video in Viral Video Chart. That is YouTube, MySpace, and Google Video combined!

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