Don’t Do It Moby! Britney’s No Good For You!

We normally don’t get into celebrity gossip – but this rumor is too juicy to let pass by.

FoxNews reports that not only does Moby have a crush on Britney Spears, but he wants to marry her:

Moby has developed an unlikely crush on Britney Spears.

The hip electronica artist said he’d marry the former megastar and tabloid target “in a heartbeat.”

“She’s like this Tennessee Williams tragic figure,” he said, according to the Sun.

The fatter she gets, the weirder she gets, the more I love her. I found her moderately appealing in the late ’90s, but now I would marry her in a heartbeat.”

Moby may need to get out more.

While he and Britney may have hairstyles in common, that’s probably not enough to bridge their differences.

Don’t do it, Moby!

She’s Toxic!

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