Awesome DIY Turntable

Inventive Guy Mike Disher has created a series of beautiful translucent turntables:

Turntables and mechanical watch and clock movements fascinate me. I view them as functional pieces of kinetic art. I based my turntable design on the legendary Rega P3, and I created a new, custom acrylic plinth and a set of feet. I also devised a way to hide the motor, and I improved the motor mounting system. The plinth rests on small silicone dots, providing added isolation. The result was a very modern looking table. I called it the P3 Skeleton. Skeleton is a watchmaking term for a movement in which material is removed from the plates and bridges to reveal the inner workings.

Gorgeous, huh?

4 thoughts on “Awesome DIY Turntable

  1. The turntable on the photo is not that turntable that was based on Rega P3. This one is based on Michell Syncro.

    Loved the article. Even transladet to russian, and posted on my blog.

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