Free Mellotron Samples

Real Music Media has released a collection of free Mellotron samples.

These samples were taken from a 30 year old Mellotron M400S, serial #500 a few years ago.

The Tron’s condition was decent. The heads were cleaned and the azimuth was aligned by Streetly Electronics in England (the original maker of this Tron) just prior to sampling. The capstan was clean, but the pinch rollers were a little dry.

The cabinet was out of square. The tapes and frame were brand new.

The 3 Violins sound is the harsher sounding MkII violins and not the M400 violins, which are really the MkII violins with the top end rolled off. The samples were recorded “hot” with the tone control fully clockwise. This is NOT how M400’s are normally played. The tone control is generally set from about 1/8 to 1/3 clockwise.

You will probably want to cut the top end drastically due to the brightness of the samples. Each set of samples is about 20 megabytes.

These samples have NOT been butchered by looping them. They are approximately 7 seconds in length and retain both the initial attack, and in many cases, the bad endings.

6 thoughts on “Free Mellotron Samples

  1. Thank you very much making this avalable. I thought I would never hear these sounds by
    my own hands. Especialy on my I-phone. You have a very kind heart, thank you…
    Michael Andrews

  2. Nice attempt, but the last thing I want is to have another REDUNDANT
    (and suspicious: there are too much spyware/malware crap around)
    piece of software installed in my computer,
    specially if it does the same as the ZIP that the operating system comes with.

    Why NOT use regular ZIP files. and try to force the install of 7Z ?
    I don’t want it… maybe a marginal improvement over the regular zip.
    and garbage in my registry, no thanks.
    NOT worth it. specially with DSL, cable and optical fiber (ATT u-verse) speeds, and close to gigabyte movie downloads that take 15 minutes… with 2 Tb hard drives to store crap…

    Thank you for the effort anyway. pity I didn’t hear it.
    let me know if you have (or will have) regular zip files to download

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