Psychosynth – Free Soft Synth Inspired By Reactable

The Psychosynth project aims to create an interactive modular soft-synth inspired by the ideas of the Reactable.

Here’s how the Psychosynth creators describe their virtual instrument:

Our main goal is to create a free software alternative to allow newbies, developers and professionals explore new ways of making music. It is also important to build a comunity to ease the comunication between we, software devolopers, and electronic music makers, who can provide insightfull ideas on how to turn new experimental features into usefull and creative tools.

What does the Psychosynth package provide?

  • libpsynth: This is a powerful C++ library for the building of synthesis software. It provides, among other things: abstraction over the audio divices of the system, basic audio synthesis classes (oscillators, filters, etc.), a system of connectable synthesis modules with a generic API, classes for the development of interactive synthesizers with features such as automatic module linking, MVC and facade layers, classes for the synchronization of synths over the network using OSC, a framework for easy application creation, etcetera.
  • psynth3d: An interactive synth with an look similar to the Reactable’s and a 3D interface which makes use of all the power of libpsynth.
  • psynth: A command line version of the synth that can be used as OSC server or client with low resource usage.

This is currently aimed at the developer crowd – only uncompiled source code is available.

If anyone compiles binaries for Windows or Mac, let me know in the comments.

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