Celebrate Record Store Day April 18th

Record Store Day

There’s a new holiday coming to town – Record Store Day.

On this day, indie music stores across America are uniting with the purpose of celebrating the culture and unique place that they occupy both in their local communities and nationally.

“Independent record stores are like the best thing going for real music lovers,” says Henry Rollins . “I remember going to a store named Leopold’s in Berkeley CA when I was younger. Man, I used to live in that place. They were pretty much the only place I could find Hiphop. Back then, there wasn’t much at the chain stores. You had to go forth and discover stuff, and the indie stores is where the discovery begins. People in the store are informed, they can actually HELP you find stuff that you’re interested in or suggest things that you may be interested in. It’s just a hip place to be, man.”

Stop by your local record store tomorrow and get some music. And let me know how you celebrate Record Store Day!

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