Free Turntablism Ensemble For Reaktor

Ammobox:lite is a free ensemble for Reaktor that promises to be “the shift in the way people will think about turntablism”:

With ammobox you can layer samples into a ‘stream’ and scratch the stream, this allows for asyncronous sample triggering and layered effects that would be impossible otherwise. Microscopically you could say that ammobox is a ‘virtual battle album’ toolkit, macroscopically you could say that it’s a completely new way of thinking about scratching and the next step in the evolution of digital vinyl.

No digital vinyl product has the capabilities that ammobox does as far as layering and triggering individual samples. ammobox dismisses the idea of DVS systems reproducing the workflow of DJs that has remained virtually unchanged since 1970. Absolute position is dead, relative positioning is the key to creativity. Scratching is not a linear process, it’s about rearranging and re-imagining sounds in combinations that haven’t been expressed yet. Don’t waste your time cutting and pasting, start innovating NOW.

What do you think? Does this shift your way of thinking about turntablism?

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